In a rush? Check out our pre-built kitchen hood inventory that's ready to ship today
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In a rush? Check out our pre-built kitchen hood inventory that's ready to ship today

Hoods Can Be Ordered In Any Size


Finish. Texture. Straps. Rivets - You have a lot of options for your copper range hood, we have the ability to make it exactly to your specifications. Do not hesitate to call us for your custom hood order. We can make any size, shape or design you wish with any pattern you choose.


All hoods are made of pure, cold rolled 16 gauge sheet copper and are TIG welded to assure our lifetime structural warranty.


Any hood can be made to mount on a wall or over an island and may have a tolerance of +- 1/4"-1/2".


Hoods are available in light, medium, or dark finish.


Hoods can be made in 3 textures: smooth, soft hammered or heavy hammered.

Straps & Rivets

The name of each hood represents the shape of the hood. All colors, textures, straps and designs are interchangeable.


Virtually any design can be placed on the apron or chimney of a hood. If you see a design on a sink, we can place it on a hood.


Copper Hoods custom fits each vent system into each hood preventing any gaps between the copper hood and vent.

You may choose a Copper Hoods vent system made by UMI or we can build the hood around your specified vent system.


Depending on size and details hoods take approximately 6.5 weeks to be delivered.

How to Measure For Your Copper Hood

Watch our video tutorial for help selecting the proper dimensions for your copper hood. You'll need to measure the width of your cooktop and the height of your ceiling from the kitchen floor. Wall-mounted hoods can be as wide as your cooktop; however, island mounted hoods should be at least 6 inches wider than the cooktop. The bottom of the hood should be between 30-36" above your cooktop. Once the dimensions of the hood are determined, you can then select a ventilation system. We offer in-hood and in-attic ventilation systems. Once you select a ventilation system that will work for your kitchen space, you can then choose the color and texture of the copper hood. Don't forget to personalize your hood with custom straps, rivets and apron patterns. 

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Apron Choices

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Straps & Rivets for Copper Range Hoods

Strap and Rivet Options:

  • 5, 4, 3, 2, or no straps on the hood
  • Rivets placed on some or all straps
  • Small or large rivets placed on the hood apron
  • Custom strap or rivet placement
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How to Choose Your Ventilation System

Choose the vent system that will work best for your kitchen based on:

Available Ventilation Systems

We offer two ventilation systems from Trade-Wind™ with 3 different cubic feet per minute (CFM) ratings each.

We also offer a liner only option, which includes light, switches, and stainless steel baffle filters, or you can use your own ventilation system.

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Copper Care Instructions:

  • We recommend that you clean your sink or copper range hood with mild soap and warm water.
  • Do not use abrasive brushes or harsh cleaners.
  • Your hood or sink come with a protective coating to preserve the finish you select.
  • For sinks, thoroughly rinse after each use.
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You can choose from a variety of options that range from: