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What are straps, bars & rivets?

  • Straps are flat, vertical strips of metal while bars give a raised, protruding look to your kitchen hood.
  • Rivets attach to straps as small, decorative nail heads. Constructed from various metals and colors, the welded pins add extra style and flair to the overall design. Rivets are available for straps only.
Straps & Rivets for Copper Range Hoods

Straps and Rivets Option:

  • Flat strips of metal welded vertically for decoration
  • Choose from 5, 4, 3 or 2 straps on the hood
  • Choice of rivets placed on some or all straps
  • Choice of small or large rivets placed on the hood apron
  • Custom strap or rivet placement

Bars Option:

  • Elevated & protruding metal bars welded vertically for decoration
  • Choose from 5, 4, 3 or 2 bars on the hood
  • Custom bar placement

Bars, Straps & Rivets in Action


This gorgeous gallery image was submitted by a previous customer and features the “Detroit” Copper Hood. The straps add an extra touch of design in a subdued way and complement the stainless steel finish. Choose straps to add an extra design feature that won’t overwhelm your kitchen aesthetic. 

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This beautiful gallery image was submitted by a former client and showcases the “Venetian” Copper Hood. The raised bars give dimension to this rustic outdoor kitchen. Add bars to create more intrigue. Opt for contrasting colors to increase detail!

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This stunning gallery image was submitted by a previous client and features the “< a href="/P/3/BellaCopperHood">Bella” Copper Hood. The rivets add more intrigue and play into the industrial flair. Add rivets to make your copper hood a true focal point. 

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How to Choose Straps, Bars or Rivets

CopperHoods offers over 1000+ combinations and 40+ hood styles. Knowing where to start may feel like a daunting task. Follow these steps when designing your custom hood.

1. Find Inspiration

Use the CopperHoods kitchen gallery and find an aesthetic that mimics your style. Pay attention to how different colors look in varying combinations.

2. Consider Your Kitchen Aesthetic

Straps, bars and rivets add extra detail in varying levels:

Opt for something subtle or kick it up a notch and make a bold statement. Straps, bars and rivets are offered in a variety of colors. Choose the same finish as your kitchen hood for subtle detail or select a contrasting color for a bold statement.

3. Match Your Hardware or Backsplash

Design a cohesive kitchen by factoring in your hardware and backsplash. Does your kitchen have black, brass or silver accents? CopperHoods straps, bars and rivets come in varying colors so you can design a complementary look.


Do I have to add straps, bars, or rivets?

No! Some of our customers prefer a smooth body or hammering textures with no straps and rivets. You can also choose to do only a custom apron pattern.

If I decide to add straps or bars, how many should I add?

You can choose from 2-5 straps or bars per hood depending on the hood model. The default option for straps and bars per hood is 2-3. Submit a form or call to work directly with one of our master designers and customize your hood even more precisely.

What’s the difference between straps and bars?

Straps are flat strips of metal welded vertically for decoration and additional texture on the hood. Bars are rounded, elevated and protruding metal strips welded vertically also. Straps allow for rivets to be welded on top for additional decoration and flair.

Can I add rivets to the bars?

No. Rivets can only be added to straps. The curvature of the bars does not allow for rivets to be welded.

What are the advantages of adding straps or bars?

Straps and bars draw the eye upwards. This effect gives an elongated look and often makes your kitchen feel taller.

Which hood styles can I add straps, bars, or rivets to?

All our models can be customized with straps and rivets or bars!

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