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Full Customization

Our copper fabricators can create any size, shape, or design of range hood. We’ve built family crests into hood aprons and custom-built hoods to work with many different vent systems. If none of our standard designs fit your kitchen, our design experts will work with you to create a totally unique design for no additional fee.

The Focal Point of Your Kitchen

Copper Hoods creates custom kitchen range hoods made out of pure, cold-rolled copper. Our hoods aren’t just functional; they’re made by expert coppersmiths and will become the focal point of a kitchen remodel or outdoor space.

Designed for Your Style

Copper Hoods has vent hood designs for traditional, farmhouse, modern, Federal, Italian and many other styles. Before we begin creating your hood, you’ll have the opportunity to review our CAD file.  Many of our customers go through several cycles of edits before settling on a final design for their hood.

Start-to-Finish Personal Service

Adam Torgerson, Copper Hoods' owner and master designer, will work one-on-one with you from start to finish helping make your dream hood a reality. Adam’s design expertise and personal attention to every client has earned Copper Hoods 5-star reviews from dozens of satisfied homeowners.

Lasting Art

All of our copper hoods are TIG-welded with pure copper to assure our lifetime structural warranty and are easy to clean. Your copper hood will remain both functional and beautiful for decades to come.

Choose your Color

Natural Copper
Light Antique Copper
Medium Antique Copper
Dark Antique Copper
Gunmetal Copper
Smooth Brass
Light Antique Brass
Antique Brass
Black Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

Choose your Texture

Soft Hammering
Heavy Hammering
Natural Brass Soft Hammering
Natural Brass Heavy Hammering
Light Antique Soft Hammering
Light Antique Heavy Hammering
Antique Soft Hammering
Antique Heavy Hammering
Dark Antique Soft Hammering
Dark Antique Heavy Hammering
Smooth & Soft Hammered
Smooth & Heavy Hammered
Smooth & Natural Brass Soft Hammered
Smooth & Natural Brass Heavy Hammered
Smooth & Light Brass Soft Hammered
Smooth & Light Brass Heavy Hammered
Smooth & Brass Soft Hammered
Smooth & Brass Heavy Hammered
Smooth & Brass Soft Hammered
Smooth & Dark Brass Heavy Hammered

Choose your Powder-Coated Colors

Steel Blue
Moss Green
Emerald Green
Graphite Gray
Jet Black
Signal White
Graphite Black
Oyster White
Blue Gray

Apron Choices

Apron 1

Apron 2

Apron 3

Apron 4

Apron 5

Apron 6

Apron 7

Apron 8

Apron 9

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Straps & Rivets for Copper Range Hoods

Straps and Rivets Option:

  • Flat strips of metal welded vertically for decoration
  • Choose from 5, 4, 3 or 2 straps on the hood
  • Choice of rivets placed on some or all straps
  • Choice of small or large rivets placed on the hood apron
  • Custom strap or rivet placement

Bars Option:

  • Elevated & protruding metal bars welded vertically for decoration
  • Choose from 5, 4, 3 or 2 bars on the hood
  • Custom bar placement

How to Choose Your Ventilation System

Choose the vent system that will work best for your kitchen based on:

Available Ventilation Systems

We offer two ventilation systems from Trade-Wind™ with 3 different cubic feet per minute (CFM) ratings each. 48” cooktops need more than 390CFM.

We also offer a liner only option, which includes light, switches, and stainless steel baffle filters, or you can use your own ventilation system.

More ventilation info

How to Measure For Your Copper Hood

Watch our video tutorial for help selecting the proper dimensions for your copper hood. You'll need to measure the width of your cooktop and the height of your ceiling from the kitchen floor. Wall-mounted hoods can be as wide as your cooktop; however, island mounted hoods should be at least 6 inches wider than the cooktop. The bottom of the hood should be between 30-36" above your cooktop. Once the dimensions of the hood are determined, you can then select a ventilation system. We offer in-hood and in-attic ventilation systems. Once you select a ventilation system that will work for your kitchen space, you can then choose the color and texture of the copper hood. Don't forget to personalize your hood with custom straps, rivets and apron patterns. 

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Full Customization

Get exactly what you want. If you can dream it, we can make it.

A Stunning Focal Point

Our copper hoods and sinks impart a warmth and luxury that other materials simply do not.

Designs for every style

Choose a personality that is modern, traditional, farmhouse-inspired, Italian and more.

Simple Maintenance

Spend your time perfecting homemade gnocchi, not cleaning. Use only mild soap & warm water.

Start-to-finish personal service

Work one-on-one with your own personal designer from start to finish.

Protected Surfaces

Our signature baked-on clear coat prevents color from changing over time.