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Color & Texture

Our range hoods are made from smooth, soft-hammered, or hard-hammered copper. We can also create the hood, body, and straps from different materials.

Color options include four shades for your hood: Natural Copper, Antique Copper, Gunmetal Copper, and Brass.

With no middleman involved, our materials are made and immediately shipped to your house.

Choose your Color

Natural Copper
Light Antique Copper
Medium Antique Copper
Dark Antique Copper
Gunmetal Copper
Smooth Brass
Light Antique Brass
Antique Brass
Black Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

Choose your Texture

Soft Hammering
Heavy Hammering
Natural Brass Soft Hammering
Natural Brass Heavy Hammering
Light Antique Soft Hammering
Light Antique Heavy Hammering
Antique Soft Hammering
Antique Heavy Hammering
Dark Antique Soft Hammering
Dark Antique Heavy Hammering
Smooth & Soft Hammered
Smooth & Heavy Hammered
Smooth & Natural Brass Soft Hammered
Smooth & Natural Brass Heavy Hammered
Smooth & Light Brass Soft Hammered
Smooth & Light Brass Heavy Hammered
Smooth & Brass Soft Hammered
Smooth & Brass Heavy Hammered
Smooth & Brass Soft Hammered
Smooth & Dark Brass Heavy Hammered

Choose your Powder-Coated Colors

Steel Blue
Moss Green
Emerald Green
Graphite Gray
Jet Black
Signal White
Graphite Black
Oyster White
Blue Gray

Apron Choices

Apron 1

Apron 2

Apron 3

Apron 4

Apron 5

Apron 6

Apron 7

Apron 8

Apron 9

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Straps & Rivets for Copper Range Hoods

Straps and Rivets Option:

  • Flat strips of metal welded vertically for decoration
  • Choose from 5, 4, 3 or 2 straps on the hood
  • Choice of rivets placed on some or all straps
  • Choice of small or large rivets placed on the hood apron
  • Custom strap or rivet placement

Bars Option:

  • Elevated & protruding metal bars welded vertically for decoration
  • Choose from 5, 4, 3 or 2 bars on the hood
  • Custom bar placement

How to Choose Your Ventilation System

Choose the vent system that will work best for your kitchen based on:

Available Ventilation Systems

We offer two ventilation systems from Trade-Wind™ with 3 different cubic feet per minute (CFM) ratings each. 48” cooktops need more than 390CFM.

We also offer a liner only option, which includes light, switches, and stainless steel baffle filters, or you can use your own ventilation system.

More ventilation info

Shop Copper Hood Styles

You can choose from a variety of options that range from: