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Custom Brass Range HoodsBrilliant Brass in the Center of Your Kitchen

Captivate with the artisanal quality only brass can deliver. Our customizable brass kitchen hoods bring a touch of sophistication and functional luxury. Choose from over 40 models or start from scratch!

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CustomizationDesign Your Brass Kitchen Hood

Where purpose meets beauty, our brass range hoods infuse everyday living with a touch of glamour. Choose from 4 brass finishes and 5 texture options to suit the style of your kitchen. Select the dimensions, silhouette and details for a truly bespoke kitchen hood. 

Color Choices

Natural Brass
Light Antique Brass
Medium Antique Brass
Dark Antique Brass

Texture Choices

Soft Hammering
Heavy Hammering
Smooth Body / Soft Hammered Apron
Smooth Body / Heavy Hammered Apron

One-of-a-Kind HoodsStraps & Rivets

Straps and rivets add an extra touch of detail to your brass kitchen hood. Depending on your selection, straps and rivets emit industrial, rustic or vintage aesthetics. Strategically placed straps reinforce construction while upscale rivets lend sophistication. This optional feature is perfect for clients seeking an additional design element.

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Everything about our experience was wonderful. Living in California I was hesitant to order something so big and important from so far away and sight unseen but Adam was unbelievably great to work with, always responded very quickly and was very easy to get a hold of. The hood was finished exactly when he said it would be and is absolutely beautiful!! We are extremely happy we decided to go with them.

Theresa Hernandez

As a custom home builder and remodeler, I have used for copper hoods on three different jobs since finding them online, and my experience has been great! Their salespeople are helpful, designs are turned around quickly, and the final product looks great. The hoods come crated and well protected from any damage. In my experience, the hoods have always been delivered by the quoted dates. I will definitely call them again when I need another copper hood.

Matt Ward

I looked at several options for purchasing a copper hood, but I was most impressed with because of their incredible selection, wide range of finish options, and easy ordering process. If you know what you want, the entire thing can be done online. But Adam was also very helpful in nailing down the final details. My hood arrived and the construction dudes all commented how well made and sturdy it is.

Christy Hagenau

We have been busy here with a graduate this spring and summer travel before the kids head back to college, but I wanted to let you know how much we love the copper range hood! It is just beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. We appreciate the ease and professionalism while dealing with your online order process. And, my builder said it was much easier to install than he thought it would be.

Carole Brogan

Our kitchen remodel has just been completed and we are already receiving rave reviews of the sink and hood. We are so pleased and thankful for all your help in getting exactly the copper functional focal points we were hoping for to make our kitchen truly unique. I really appreciate your rapid response to my phone calls and emails. Your customer service from start to finish was outstanding. Thank You!

Linda Deis

Love my custom hood! It couldn’t have turned out any better!  Marc was so easy to work with and went out of his way to make sure it was a perfect fit!! I’ll definitely recommend CopperHoods to my friends and family! 

Peyton Warrington

I wanted to share with you a picture of the gorgeous copper hood we purchased from Copperhoods. It has taken quite a while to get our kitchen completed. Doing a reno during Covid has been challenging for sure. However, it is nearing the end, and oh how excited we are! Can’t explain all the wonderful comments we have received on the hood.  One person “said it should be a magazine cover.”  It has been phenomenal. I will share some more photos once everything is complete. However, I couldn’t wait to share at least this one. Thank you for your wonderful help in making this happen. 

Marie S.

Marc H. was the individual that helped us get to this point (placing the order). Marc was incredibly patient when I bombarded him with emails. He took the time to answer every question and made sure I knew all my options. If only all servicing was like this! Thank you Marc - we are so excited and cant wait to see the finished product!

Rachel O

Brilliant Brass From Shiny Luster to Timeless Patina

Brass, a natural transition metal with a rich history spanning millennia, has long been cherished for its exceptional qualities. Over time, the surface of brass undergoes a transformation known as patination, influenced by the surrounding environment. This process gradually imparts unique hues and textures, distinct from its original metallic appearance. While many customers appreciate the distinctive qualities of brass, we also recognize the desire to preserve the beauty of their new brass hood.

Our brass kitchen hoods come equipped with a durable, baked-on clear coat for protection. As experts in this remarkable alloy, we're here to offer guidance on achieving and maintaining your desired brass aesthetic both now and in the years to come.

Smooth Texture

The smooth body texture embodies refined luxury with its consistent golden sheen. Mirrored surfaces reflect light evenly across unblemished brushed brass. The monochromatic look blends into contemporary and modern kitchen styles. Those who appreciate subtle sophistication are drawn to the smooth brass finish.

The Texture Smooth vs. Hammered Brass

Our brass hoods are available in smooth or hand-hammered textures to achieve your ideal look.

Hammered Texture

In contrast, hand-hammered brass brings textural intrigue and depth through its dimpled surface. The interplay of matte lows and glossy high points makes hammered brass a mesmerizing statement piece. The artisanal, Old World quality injects warmth and heritage into traditional, farmhouse or vintage kitchen designs. Choose a soft or heavy hammered textured finish for your desired look.

FeaturesThe Beauty of Brass, Built to Perfection

  • Baked on Clear Coating 
  • TIG Welded
  • Includes Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Won’t Oxidize

Meet our Master Designers

CopperHoods, operating out of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, is a family-run business. Our team boasts more than 10 years of experience in delivering exquisitely crafted brass kitchen range hoods to homeowners, home builders, designers and other industry professionals. We've built partnerships with an overseas team of master artisans and metalsmiths who have honed their skills for years. Together, our team of metal designers, fabricators and artisans create gorgeous brass hoods that stand the test of time.

Adam Torgerson

Founder, CEO

Marc Hortsch


Your Brass HoodHow To Measure and Order

Watch our video tutorial for help selecting the proper dimensions for your brass hood. You'll need to measure the width of your cooktop and the height of your ceiling from the kitchen floor. Once the dimensions of the hood are determined, you can select a ventilation system and custom design features. Depending on size and details, hoods take approximately 6.5 weeks to be delivered.

Featured In:

Style in Every CurveBrass Hood Shapes

Curved Edge Shape Kitchen Hood

The curved edge-shaped brass kitchen hood boasts gently rounded corners and soft contours, creating an atmosphere of comfort and approachability. This design is a perfect match for traditional or transitional aesthetics, contributing to a warm and inviting ambiance in the kitchen.

Bell Curve Shape Kitchen Hood

A bell curve-shaped brass kitchen hood embodies a graceful and curvaceous profile reminiscent of a bell's silhouette. This design introduces a soft and sophisticated element, often gracing traditional or transitional kitchen environments. The gently flared sides assist in capturing and directing cooking odors and smoke.

Pyramid Shape Kitchen Hood

With its pyramid-shaped structure, the brass kitchen hood radiates an air of sophistication and symmetry. The converging sloping sides culminate at the top to create an elegant focal point. This design is a favored choice for both modern and transitional kitchens, optimizing airflow efficiency while lending a touch of refinement.

Box Shape Kitchen Hood

The box-shaped brass kitchen hood showcases a sleek and contemporary design distinguished by its precise geometric lines and sharp angles. This streamlined form effortlessly integrates into modern kitchens, delivering a minimalist aesthetic while efficiently managing ventilation in the cooking area.

Performance at Its BestVentilation for Brass Hoods

CopperHoods offers Trade-Wind™ vent systems for purchase alongside your chosen hood design. Our selection includes three versatile options: in-hood, in-attic and no-motor variants. Each hood is custom-fitted to eliminate any gaps between the hood structure and the chosen vent system. Should you require a more tailored approach, we offer the flexibility to construct a hood to accommodate your designated ventilation system. Just call us with the dimensions and we'll get started.

Exhaust System Comparison


Additional Features

Motor Placement



Sizes Available (CFM)


Inside the hood structure

Lights, switches and stainless steel baffle filters inside the copper hood

Built-in within the hood

Does not require attic access

304 grade stainless steel, 120 volts 60hz and equipped with reusable stainless steel baffle filters

390, 600, 1200


In the attic space

Lights, switches and stainless steel baffle filters inside the copper hood, virtually silent system

Separate motor in the attic

Requires attic access

304 grade stainless steel, 120 volts 60hz and equipped with reusable stainless steel filters

392, 836, 1266 CFM

Linear Only

No built-in motor; ducted out

Lights, switches, stainless steel baffle filters inside the copper hood

External motor required

Requires external motor setup

304 grade stainless steel, 120 volts 60hz and equipped with reusable stainless steel filters


Custom Brass Hoods vs. Big Box Stores

For us, it's not just about selling another brass hood. We're focused on delivering a kitchen hood you'll cherish for years. And rest assured, you'll absolutely adore your hood; they truly are remarkable.

CopperHoods provides extensive design flexibility. We tailor your hood centimeter by centimeter for a perfect fit. You won't be left in the dark, either. Our master designers collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. Throughout the entire process, you'll receive the support you deserve when making a substantial purchase. We get it right so you enjoy your hood for years to come.

What distinguishes us from large retail chains is the opportunity to review our CAD file before manufacturing the hood. This isn't a one-size-fits-all experience - unless it’s your preference. Many of our customers go through multiple revisions before settling on the ultimate design for their hood. All of this, including sample tiles, is provided as a complimentary service, with no additional cost to you.

Free Brass Sample Tiles

To help you envision the beauty and quality of our brass hoods, we offer the first 10 brass sample tiles for free. Try out the samples in your kitchen, at different times of the day to make an informed decision before committing to a larger purchase!

Wall v. Island-Mounted Brass Hoods

Wall-mounted brass hoods securely attach to the wall behind the cooking area. Conversely, island-mounted brass hoods are suspended from the ceiling over an island or peninsula. Wall-mounted hoods are frequently incorporated into the cabinetry, whereas island-mounted hoods exhibit their design from all sides. The decision between the two styles hinges on factors such as kitchen layout, design preferences and the intended visual statement.

Any hood can be made to mount on a wall or over an island and may have a tolerance of +- 1/4"-1/2". Wall-mounted hoods can be as wide as your cooktop; however, island-mounted hoods should be at least 6 inches wider than the cooktop. The bottom of the hood should be between 30-36" above your cooktop. 

Wall MountedIsland Mounted

A Deeper Dive Brass for Kitchen Range Hoods

10 Reasons to Choose Brass

  1. Timeless Elegance

    Brass exudes an enduring and ageless charm. A brass kitchen hood elevates the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

  2. Durability

    Brass ranks high in the durability department, effortlessly withstanding the daily demands of cooking and the inherent challenges of the kitchen environment.

  3. Low-Maintenance Luxury

    Brass offers the allure of luxury with minimal upkeep. Keeping it looking pristine is a straightforward task.

  4. Built to Last

    Brass's natural resistance to corrosion makes it a prime candidate for the longevity required in a kitchen hood.

  5. Design Versatility

    Brass kitchen hoods complement a wide spectrum of kitchen styles, ranging from classic, contemporary, historic, modern and more.

  6. Heat Endurance

    Unfazed by high cooking temperatures, brass stands as an ideal material for hoods situated above stove tops.

  7. Unique Patina

    Over time, brass acquires a beautiful patina, imparting depth and personality to your kitchen. A brass hood will age gracefully, akin to a fine wine.

  8. Environmentally Sound

    Embrace the green choice—brass is a recyclable material, aligning with eco-conscious principles.

  9. Tailored to Perfection

    Brass kitchen hoods can be customized to reflect your distinct tastes, be it in finish, dimensions or design.

  10. Value Enhancement

    Choosing a brass kitchen hood not only elevates your daily cooking experience but also increases your home's overall value, making it an attractive option for prospective buyers.

Beautifying Brass

Our brass hoods are built to deliver outstanding performance with effortless upkeep. Each brass hood is furnished with a protective clear finish, serving as a robust defense and shielding it from the demands of everyday cooking. This protective layer not only wards off potential tarnish but also conserves the allure of the brass. A regular dusting or a gentle wipe-down with a soft cloth and warm water is all that's needed for upkeep.

Brass in Kitchen Design: An Exploration of Tradition

Dating back centuries, brass emerged as a favored choice for kitchen hoods, owing to its remarkable properties. This alloy of copper and zinc was prized for its durability, corrosion resistance and heat tolerance, making it ideal for capturing and expelling cooking byproducts. Brass hoods evolved through various design eras, adapting to the changing tastes of different periods. From the ornate brass hoods gracing grandiose kitchens of the past to the sleek, modern interpretations of today, this metal has maintained its position as a symbol of sophistication and functionality. 

Brass Hoods for All Kitchen Styles 

CopperHoods offers a variety of kitchen hoods to suit different styles. Our Old World hoods are perfect for older homes, while the Modern collection brings a sleek and minimalist look. Add an urban touch with the Industrial hoods or go for the timeless appeal of the Traditional series, fitting well in most American homes. Whatever your style, CopperHoods has the perfect match for you! Browse our kitchen gallery and get inspired by REAL kitchens!

Shop Brass Range Hoods

Choose from one of our pre-built models or customize your brass hood from top to bottom!

Brass Hood FAQ

When it comes to cleaning brass hoods, opt for a degreaser or simply use warm water with a gentle soap. In most cases, brass hoods are coated with lacquer unless they have a mirrored finish.
There is no right answer! While it's not necessary to coordinate your custom range hood with your appliances, doing so lends an intentional and upscale cohesiveness to your kitchen. Many trending kitchen designs incorporate matching appliances and range hoods.
Yes! As style evolves, so do we! Range hoods serve a functional purpose in your kitchen and look good while doing so.
Brass is an excellent choice for a range hood, offering durability and timeless elegance. Its resistance to corrosion and heat, along with its customizable design options, make it a top material for both functionality and aesthetics in the kitchen.
We offer custom, semi-custom and ready-to-ship prebuilt brass hoods.