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About Our Design

Homeowners who choose to integrate a copper range hood or copper sink into a kitchen design or remodel aren’t just concerned about function, but also design and aesthetics. Our copper range hoods and sinks are statement pieces that embody a unique blend of design, form and function.

Whether a homeowner desires a look that is modern and sleek or one that is more traditional and ornate; the design team at Copper Kitchen Specialists will work to come up with a design to meet a homeowner’s individual specifications and needs.

Our hoods are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and textures. What’s more, elements from any of our existing range hood and sink designs can be interchanged and customized to a homeowner’s liking or our team can create a completely new personalized design.

At Copper Kitchen Specialists we understand that a homeowner may have reservations about purchasing such an important design element online. We welcome the opportunity to work with homeowners to ensure we deliver a high-quality product that is not only beautiful but also exceeds a homeowner’s expectations.

We’d love to hear from you and learn how we can help create a statement piece for your new kitchen.

Contact us by phone or email:

USA — 1 (866) 672-3401
UK — 0203 004 8790
Email — hello@copperhoods.com


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