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Add Character To A Room By Installing A Copper Hood

A copper range hood can be integrated with different styles and designs to best fit the theme of a kitchen. Whether the owner wants a smooth or hammered finish, or one that has exquisite details, a copper vent hood in the kitchen never fails to add a rustic charm in the room, and a sense of character to it as well.

For those who want to create an old world look for their kitchen, they can choose a pounded, multi-toned copper to achieve this appeal. A shiny, bright, smooth copper vent hood on the other hand is reminiscent of Italian bistros and country kitchens, while a customized, detailed hood is a good reflection of the taste and personality of its owner.

Aside from the elegant and classic appeal that copper provides to a room, copper is also known for its anti-bacterial properties, making any furnishing made from the material a low maintenance piece.
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