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In a rush? Check out our pre-built kitchen hood inventory that's ready to ship today

Kitchen Design: Making Your Copper Range Hood a Design Centerpiece

Handcrafted Island Mounted Antique Copper Range Hood

The kitchen in your home deserves a design that will match your style preferences for many years ahead. One area that many people fail to consider when evaluating their kitchen design options, is the range hood for their oven. This one area is imposing in size and requires careful consideration by those renovating their kitchen. In this latest post, we’ll explain why you should make a copper range hood your kitchen’s centerpiece.

Captivating Design Appeal

Before thinking about how to make your copper range hood a central design element in the kitchen, it’s important that you learn a little more about the value of the piece within the design. A copper range hood has a unique design appeal that transcends passing trends and brings classic style to the home. Making the range hood a centerpiece within your home can bring the entire kitchen design together and allow other elements to shine as well. Copper range hoods are often placed between lighter-colored cabinets to frame the piece and accentuate its elegance.

Use Complementary Stone Tile

One great option for blending your new copper range hood with the kitchen design motif is to use complementary stone tile pieces, such as whites and greys. The lighter colors will offset the copper and bring new life to the kitchen design. When considering tiles, try to find a product that blends with your other kitchen elements such as lighting fixtures. This approach can help you to achieve a completely new aesthetic within the kitchen.

Add Additional Copper Elements

Another approach you can take to blending your new copper range hood within your kitchen design is to add additional copper elements to the home. For example, many homeowners are now choosing copper faucets as an accent to their kitchen design. Copper is the ideal material for faucets because it doesn’t scratch easily, and it will retain its aesthetic appeal over many years. The material is also bacteria-resistant, which means families with young children won’t have to worry about their child becoming ill due to germs on their faucets.

Book a Design Consultation

Before you look into the potential of adding a copper hood range to your kitchen space, make sure you book a design consultation with a kitchen expert. The expert can review your home and help you decide which style of hood range would suit the space. The leading considerations when evaluating the hood range options include:

The Patina of the Copper

What kind of patina does the copper have? There are a variety of brighter or darker tones, and a design expert can help you make the right choice.

The Style of Range Hood

The style of the range hood is an important consideration. For example, if you have a center island oven, your range hood will need to be designed to integrate within the space.

Potential Accents

Which accents are you going to include within your kitchen redesign? Your copper range hood experts can help you make the right choice for your design needs. To explore the full range of copper design options for your home, call us today and discuss your unique design needs.