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Explore Different Types of Copper Kitchen Hoods

Custom made wall mounted modern copper range hood

Copper kitchen hoods are one of the leading design trends for unique additions for the modern home. They bring long-lasting style and durability to the kitchen space and help elevate any design. Before you choose a copper kitchen hood for your home, you should first look at the different design options available to you. In this post, we’ll explain some of the choices you’ll make when purchasing a copper kitchen hood.

The Patina

The patina of the copper is the protective layer that covers the material. The style of patina you choose can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic quality of the copper. For example, a natural smooth texture patina could offer a classic or traditional design appeal suitable for a rustic farmhouse style kitchen. On the other hand, a natural heavy hammered color could bring a brighter tone allows for the copper to shine and could be an ideal choice if you have a lot of natural light in the kitchen.

Textured or Smooth Surface

Another consideration is the style of copper used when creating the hood. A textured surface is a great way to bring attention to a copper kitchen hood that’s being used as a centerpiece. But if you’re thinking of creating a modern kitchen design, you might choose a natural smooth or oil rubbed bronze smooth smooth texture that blends effectively with other accents in the kitchen. Your copper specialists can help you review the range of colors and textures available.

Customized Shapes

There are also numerous options for the shape and style of your copper kitchen hood. One of the elements you ought to consider is how the hood will integrate within your home structurally. You might need a smaller kitchen hood if there are other design elements within that part of the kitchen. You might also consider the location of the oven. If your oven is integrated with a kitchen island, you will require a hood that hangs down within that central space. The shape and style of the hood should be carefully discussed with your copper kitchen specialist as you finalize the project.

Accents for the Rest of the Kitchen

Another important decision you’ll have to make when choosing between copper kitchen hoods is the type of accents you’ll use in the rest of the kitchen. Some homeowners are happy to have the copper hood be the standout piece, and it might be the only copper addition to their kitchen. But you might also take into consideration options such as copper sinks. Copper farmhouse sinks, for example, are a great option when renovating the kitchen space and can be matched with your kitchen hood for seamless design appeal. Take the time to review your full range of options when choosing copper kitchen hoods for your home. Working with an experienced team such as our experts at Copper Hoods can help ensure you make the right decisions and choose high-quality materials that will shine as part of any kitchen design upgrade. To discover more about our company and the assortment of options we offer, call us today.