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How Tall Should My Copper Range Hood Be?

Wall Mounted Copper Range "Duluth" Hood Handcrafted

This is a question we get asked everyday here at Copper Hoods and it’s definitely one of the most important when it comes to choosing the right copper range hood for your project. Let’s start with selecting the height for a wall mount range hood. We will follow that up with how to select your height for an island mount copper hood. You may be purchasing a copper hood for the beauty they provide to your kitchen. Great, you’re not alone. In the end however, the ventilation system is incredibly important as well. In order for it to function the way it was engineered to, your ventilation system needs to be between 30 and 36 inches above your cooktop. Our recommendation is 33”. Let me explain: 30” above your cooktop is 5’6” off the floor. Conversely, 36” is 6’ off of the floor. These hoods are typically going into homes where there are a number of different cooks with varying heights. In our experience, a 30” distance above the cooktop is too short for some while the 36” distance is too tall for others. 33” is the proverbial Goldilocks zone. Here is an easy formula for selecting your hood height for those who want the top of their hood to rest against the ceiling:



Wall Mount Hoods: Ceiling height (in inches) – 69 (36” cooktop height + 33”)

  • 10’ ceilings = 51” hood height
  • 9’ ceilings = 39” hood height
  • 8’ ceilings = 27” hood height

Island Mount Copper Range Hoods

Island mount hoods are a little different and here’s why. In an island mount application, typically one side of the cooktop is in the kitchen while the other side has either a bar, dining are, or an open space to another area of the house. This means that you need to allow for more clearance from the cooktop to the bottom of the hood to create sight lines to those areas. Because of this, our recommendation for island hoods is 36” above the cooktop. Here is an easy formula for selecting your hood height for an island mount copper range hood:

Island Mount Hoods: Ceiling height (in inches) – 72 (36” cooktop height + 36”)

  • 10’ ceilings = 48” hood height
  • 9’ ceilings = 36” hood height
  • 8’ ceilings = 24” hood height

We hope the above formulas help you in selecting the hood height most appropriate for your home. If you have further questions, please contact us.