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How to choose the right copper range hood for your kitchen project

When it comes to choosing the perfect copper range hood for a kitchen remodel, a little bit of knowledge makes the process much easier. There are three main types of copper hoods from which to choose. The first step to finding the perfect copper hood for your kitchen is understanding which of these options best fits your kitchen layout.

Copper Wall Mount Hoods

Mounted directly to the wall, the wall hood doesn’t touch the upper cabinets. Our customers who have high ceilings in their kitchens typically elect to have us add a simple chimney extension to make the piece custom, and to cover up the duct or vent coming out of the ceiling.

Many wall copper hoods have a curved design which exposes the wall behind the unit. In these cases, painting the void or installing baCopperHoodsplash tiles to the ceiling give the kitchen a more cohesive look.

Copper Under Cabinet Hoods

Situated between two upper cabinets or directly under a cabinet, the copper flush mount hood is a viable option for people who want a beautiful copper hood in kitchens with space and design restrictions. Flush mount hoods are typically vented out the wall or cabinets above them.

Because flush mount hoods are often smaller than freestanding or island options, they are also a cost-saving way to introduce the classic and timeless look of copper into a kitchen remodeling project.  

Copper Island Mount Hoods

In kitchens where the range is situated in the middle of a kitchen and is part of an island configuration, the copper island hood is a great option. These grand copper hoods can be in the shape of a freestanding hood or a flush mount hood, depending on space restriction and the preferences of the homeowner.

An island hood has four exposed sides, making it the showcase piece of the kitchen. This type of copper hood vents out the ceiling. It is possible to run the ductwork along the ceiling to meet a wall vent, if necessary.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about which copper hood is right for your kitchen project. Copper Hoods is a family-owned business based in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Our metal smiths and designers strive to create unique kitchen centerpieces that our customers love. You can contact us for advice about which type of copper hood is right for your project by calling 866.672.3401 or you can fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.