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New York Copper Range Kitchen Stove Hoods Customized

New York Copper Range Kitchen Stove Hoods Customized

"Duluth" Farmouse-Style Stove Hood with Soft-Hammered Body

These identical hoods have a modern, simple design with a smooth texture and oil-rubbed bronze color. Having two of these American-made copper hoods serve a purpose in this kitchen; one sitting over a grill and the other over a two-door pizza oven, adding a polished look to your kitchen.  You also have the option to add accents like straps or rivets seen here.

Our beautiful copper hoods for stoves are made-to-order, so you can design the copper hood that is a perfect fit for your kitchen. Visit our customize page to learn more and begin modeling your custom copper hood today!

All hoods are made from 16 gauge, cold-rolled copper sheets. Because of our specialized welding method, we are able to offer a quality product with a lifetime structural warranty. These hoods are designed and manufactured to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Modern Style Copper Hoods

Modern style copper range hoods feature clean-cut edges and bold shapes. Although minimalistic, these selections can be styled with different patterns and textures to create a more intricate look. Changing the color is an easy way to tailor a copper hood to suit your kitchen’s theme. A darker hood would suit a modern kitchen, but an antique copper color might be better suited for a modern themed kitchen that has a slightly rustic style. Check out the full collection of our modern style copper range hoods.

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