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Straps & Rivets – Nearly Limitless Possibilities

We try to keep things as simple as we can here at Copper Hoods. From having the best customer service in the industry to our simple pricing structure, we make it easy for our customers to navigate the process of finding a copper range hood they will enjoy for a lifetime. When it comes to straps and rivets however, things can get a little more daunting.

Straps and rivets. Straps with no rivets. Rivets with no straps. Oil rubbed bronze straps with antique copper rivets. The choices here are virtually endless. Let’s look at some examples.


It is nearly impossible to add all of these combinations to our drop downs so as always, please call to discuss your options. As always, Adam is standing by to answer your questions. 866-672-3401 or drop hime a line at hello@copperhoods.com

If you place your order online, there is a section for comments where you can specify you straps and rivets selection.

Thanks for reading and enjoy our site; we’re happy you’re here.

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