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Los Angeles Copper Hood

Los Angeles Copper Kitchen Hood
Trade-Wind Ventilation System
Knob for Ventilation on Copper Range Hood
Los Angeles Copper Kitchen Hood
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Heavy Hammered Copper Range Hood with Patterned Apron 30 inch
Munich Copper Range Hood with Custom Patterned Apron 36 inch
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SizeChoose from set options or Enter custom dimensions.
SYSTEMMotor-Fan, Lights Switches, Filters & Liner Options.
MOUNTChoose between Wall Mount or Island Mount.
COLOR Select from our choices of colors; light, medium or dark.
TEXTURE Various texture options are available to you.
CUSTOMCustomize the hood to your exact specifications.

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Los Angeles Copper Hood

$2,395.00 UP &

Select options below for final price.

Dimensionscolortexture are fully customizable. Begin the process now by first selecting the width, followed by the other options. Please call (866) 672-3401 with any questions. A designer is always available to help.

Shown in antique copper with a soft hammered texture.

Featured hood pictured measures 36w x 21d x 27h


    **Price May Vary Depending On Final Dimensins**

Los Angeles Copper Kitchen Hood

Los Angeles. We spent a month there one night! The Los Angeles copper hood features a federal style crown with early American on the apron and in the middle to create a unique stack feature. Los Angeles copper range hood is shown in antique copper with a smooth body and soft-hammered apron.

Copper Hood Dimension & Ventilation Options

Hood Width: Please choose the desired width of your Copper Range Hood to begin. Wall mount Copper Range Hoods should be the same width as your cooktop. Wall Mount Copper Range Hoods may be wider than the cooktop but never smaller. An island-mount Copper Range Hood should always be at least 6″ wider than your cooktop.
Hood Height: Once you have selected your width, please choose your height. Your Copper Range Hood should be between 30″ and 36″ above your cooktop. We recommend 33″ for wall mount and 36″ for island mount applications. Custom dimensions available. Please call to discuss.
Insert and Motor: Please choose from 3 types of systems or choose I Have My Own Ventilation System

  • Motor In Hood: Integrated ventilation system with motor and liner inside the copper hood.
  • Motor In Attic: Motor in the attic and the liner in the copper hood.
  • Liner Only: Liner only. Lights, switches, stainless steel baffle filters.
  • I Have My Own Ventilation System

Color, Texture, Details Options

Wall Mount vs. Island Mount: Please select either wall mount or island mount.
Color: Light, Medium or Dark. Please see the design choices section.
Texture: Smooth, soft hammered, or heavy hammered. Please see Design Choices.
Straps & Rivets: Straps and rivets are available on most of our hoods.
Apron Pattern Design Choice: Select from a variety of apron front designs under the design choices section. If you have a custom design you would like to use, please call.
Apron Design Placement: Patterns may be centered or wrapped.


Quiet Operation

  • Rubber-mounted motor & large, squirrel-cage blowers reduce sound and vibration noise (390, 660 & 1250 CFM models)
  • Variable or 3-speed motor control (varies by model) reduces blower and air movement sound
  • Large, baffle filters reduce air movement sound
  • Sound absorbing duct silencers, Neoprene® lined sound absorbing fast clamps & dampers available

Distinctive Low Profile Design

  • Style complements ALL custom and manufactured copper and wood hood designs
  • Electronic touch controls with blue LED lighting (3-speed internal motor models). Metallic control
  • Knobs on all variable speed in-line blower models.
  • Simplicity of design preferred by home owners

Enduring Quality

  • Internal motor models deliver 1250 CFM, 660 CFM or 390 CFM-(Code Compliant)
  • Optional in-line blowers deliver 1266 CFM or 836 CFM
  • Commercial grade stainless steel (#304, 24-gauge) and galvanized steel construction
  • Oversized baffle filters improve ventilation performance
  • Two dimmable 50-watt halogen lights brighten cooking area; three on 448, 454 & 460 models
  • Performance tested by Energy Systems Laboratory at Texas A&M University

Easy Cleaning

  • Dishwasher safe commercial baffle filters
  • Leading edge design is easy to clean. Eliminates grease traps.

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Apron Pattern Design Choice Placement

Design In Center Apron Only