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Wall Mount Range Hoods

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    Copper Wall Mount Range Hoods

    If your range sits flush against a wall and you’re considering a copper range hood, you have two options: a wall mount range hood or an under cabinet range hood. For the best ventilation of steam and cooking odors, we recommend a wall mount range hood that exhausts through your attic or wall to the outdoors.

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    Range hoods that mount underneath kitchen cabinets typically just recirculate kitchen steam and smoke after blowing it through a charcoal filter. While this is certainly better than not having any kind of ventilation system, it’s not really a ventilation system and is nowhere near as effective as a range hood that exhausts to the outdoors.

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    Can a Wall Mount Range Hood be Vented Into the Attic?

    We are often asked if a range hood can exhaust into an attic or a wall instead of to an exterior wall or all the way to an exhaust vent on the roof. There are several reasons why this should never be done:

    • • The air exhausted from your range contains grease residue that will collect in your attic, posing fire hazard and attracting pests.
    • • You’ll have dust and dirt from the attic, as well as pests, entering your kitchen through the vent.
    • • A stove top fire could easily spread to your attic if your range is vented into the attic
    • • Warm air exhausted from your range will condense in your attic in the winter, causing moisture that will lead to mold growth in your attic.

    If your kitchen already has a range hood that exhausts outside, you just need to have your new range hood connected to the existing ductwork. If you don’t, we highly recommend having this done. A range that sits against an external wall will require making a hole in the wall to match the circumference of the ductwork, then adding an exhaust vent on the outside. For rooftop venting, it’s best to route the ductwork up through the attic in the shortest, straightest route possible.

    From selection to delivery, my experience with Copper Kitchen Specialists was first rate. My wife and I ordered two matching products, a farm sink and a hood, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the fit and finish. CKS delivers a superior product complimented by a fantastic service experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends and family.
    Steve Piskadlo reviews wall mount copper range hoods

    Steve Piskadlo

    Very few companies deliver on their promise of quality and punctuality in a way like Copper Kitchen Specialists did. I worked with Adam on the design specifications for my kitchen hood, and he was very professional and extremely helpful in recommending the right color and style for my kitchen. The hood arrived in a few weeks, perfectly packaged in a small wood crate. I highly recommend CKS…they will exceed your expectations!!
    Chris Corona reviews wall mount copper range hoods

    Chris Corona