What is the ordering process?

After your order is placed online or over the phone with a deposit, we will get to work on the design. Once that design is approved, we will order your hood with our manufacturer.

Are the dimensions listed the measurements of the outside or inside of the sinks?

All of the dimensions listed on CopperKitchenSpecialists are taken from outside edge to outside edge. Our copper kitchen sinks 33″ and above are made with 2″ rims. Sinks less than 33″ have 1″ rims. If the sink is a double bowl then the middle divider is 1″. All of our prep, bar, trough, and bath sink have rims of 1″.

How do I care for my hood and sink?

Simple. Warm, soapy water and soft rag to clean your hood and/or sink. Nothing else. 

Do not place anything hot on your copper sink! It may damage the clear coat.

Are your sinks made of pure copper?

Copper Kitchen Specialists uses only pure copper sheets to fabricate all of its products. We keep the art of making beautiful copper products simple and true. Not only are our sheets pure copper but our tig welds are as well. A rod tig weld is used by welding additional copper wherever there is a seem. This weld allows us to give a lifetime structural warranty to all of our products. Copper Kitchen Specialists also uses larger than average copper sheets which allows us to fold the sides of our prep and kitchen sinks which create a slight radius in the bottom pan. This helps the water drain and prevents sitting water. This radius is also much more attractive.

Can you make custom products and designs?

If you can think of or find a particular design, we can make it. We are getting more and more requests for company logos and even some family crests! All of our designs on sinks and hoods are interchangeable. Copper Kitchen Specialists can also make just about any size sink or hood to your specifications. If you need to customize, please contact us; we would be happy to help.

How long will it take before I receive my order?

We are proud to make our hoods and sinks to order; we carry a few inventory items from time to time. Sink orders are estimated at 4 weeks to produce and deliver. Our copper hoods are delivered around 7 weeks. Copper Kitchen Specialists will expedite orders faster than the above listed times; however, in order to keep your project running smoothly we have listed these time frames as a good point of reference.

Is shipping included in the price?

Free shipping to the US and Canada.

What does motor fan in hood + liner mean?

The liner(insert) sits flush or recessed in the bottom of your copper hood. It houses the lights, blower, stainless steel baffle filters, and the controls. There are 3 blower speeds (high, medium, low) and and on/off switch for the lights.

What does motor in attic + liner mean?

This system requires a covered accessible attic space. The liner(insert) will sit flush or recessed in the bottom of your copper hood. The blower will be mounted in an attic and wired to the liner. This option is quieter as the blower is further away from your ear than the in hood blower.

What are the duct size requirements?

In Hood Systems:

390   CFM – 3.25″ x 10″ or 6″ Round
660   CFM – 8″ Round
1360 CFM – 10″ Round 

In Attic Systems:

392   CFM – 6″ Round
660   CFM –  8″ Round
1360 CFM – 10″ Round

What color faucet should I purchase with my sink?

Copper Kitchen Specialists recommends using oil rubbed bronze faucets with our medium and dark finishes. The light finish matches most faucet manufacturer’s copper faucets. Copper faucets tend to be very light and metallic, which often looks contemporary. Most of our sinks are paired with oil rubbed bronze.

What gauge copper are your sinks?

Copper Kitchen Specialists uses 14 gauge copper for all of its kitchen sinks and 16 gauge copper for the hoods and bar sinks. Please know that the lower the gauge of copper the thicker the sheet. Most stainless steel sinks are either 18 gauge or 20 gauge. Copper is less dense than stainless steel and one should not be purchased anything less than 16 gauge.

Will my sink or hood change color over time?

Our copper products will not change color over time. We have a clear coat baked onto your hood or sink in order to protect the color you have chosen.

What Are Standing Seams?

Standing seams are very thin strips of copper that are spot welded to your hood vertically.

What Are Straps?

Strap are typically 1″ wide and lay flat along the body of your hood. They can be matched to the color of your copper hood or they can be a shade darker for more contrast.

What Are Rivets?

Our rivets are .5″ in diameter and are typically added to the straps for a more “Old World” effect. We also have 2″ diameter rivets that many clients have added to the aprons of their copper range hoods as a substitute for an apron design.

How do I make a change after I've placed my order?

Any changes to an existing order must be requested via email. Please
email your request to [email protected] and we will do our best to
honor your your request.

Do you ship to Canada?

We no longer ship our products to Canada. You would need to have your product shipped to a US address.

How do I cancel my order?

All cancellations need to be made over the phone. Please call (866) 672-3401.