Explore Different Types of Copper Kitchen Hoods

Modern Black Copper Range Hood
Copper kitchen hoods are one of the leading design trends for unique additions for the modern home. They bring long-lasting style and durability to the kitchen space and help elevate any design. Before you choose a copper kitchen hood for your home, you should first look at the different design options available to you. In Continue reading »

Copper Design Trends for 2019

Bronze Antique Kitchen Range Hood with Bands and Rivets
Copper is now one of the most popular design materials to be used in kitchen renovations across the country. Homeowners are requesting updated copper options to add a classic style to their home space. Our team at Copper Hoods has many years of experience in working with copper and integrating copper features in local homes. Continue reading »

New Options for Copper Décor in Your Kitchen

Smooth Copper Range Hood with Bands and Rivets and Soft Hammered Apron
Copper is making a reappearance in homes across the country as property owners now choose the material for their kitchen redesign. You might have recently discovered that copper can have a lasting impact in your kitchen space, and you now want to learn more about the latest options available for your home. Our team at Continue reading »