How Tall Should My Copper Range Hood Be?


This is a question we get asked everyday here at CKS and it’s definitely one of the most important when it comes to choosing the right copper range hood for your project. Let’s start with selecting the height for a wall mount range hood. We will follow that up with how to select your height

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About Our Design

Homeowners who choose to integrate a copper range hood or copper sink into a kitchen design or remodel aren’t just concerned about function, but also design and aesthetics. Our copper range hoods and sinks are statement pieces that embody a unique blend of design, form and function. Whether a homeowner desires a look that is

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Types of Copper Hoods


Copper Range Hood is right for you? Trying to figure out what type of Copper Range Hood is right for you? Copper Kitchen Specialists can help determine the appropriate application by defining some of the different types of Hoods to choose from. There are three main types of applications which will dictate the right Copper

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Custom & Pre-Designed Copper Vent Hoods


When you have handcrafted artisan goods that are blended with professional design services, you will find yourself surrounded by a variety of custom and pre-designed copper vent hoods and much more. With so many options, the first step is to decide which type of vent hood you want. There are several different styles when it

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