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In a rush? Check out our pre-built kitchen hood inventory that's ready to ship today
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Los Angeles Custom Handcrafted Stainless Steel Range Hood

"Los Angeles" Modern Stainless Steel Range Hood

This "Los Angeles" style stainless steel range hood has a sleek look that can complement any rustic or modern farmhouse style. The federal style crown and an early American trim on the apron and middle combined with the smooth stainless steel finish manages to capture both the warmth of the American farmhouse and the minimalist nature of modern design. Give your kitchen that final bit of charm that it may need with a custom designed range hood and take a look at the many color and style combinations we have available.

Because of our specialized welding method, we are able to offer a quality product with a lifetime structural warranty. These hoods are designed and manufactured to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

American Style Range Hoods

Featuring cities like San Francisco, Duluth, and Los Angeles, the American copper range hoods make use of the best and most unique American styles. Each copper hood reflects the aesthetic of their respective city. As an example, Pittsburgh is known for industry and manufacturing, so the Pittsburgh hood features a bold and industrialized style. You can personalize any hood by adding textures, colors, rivets, or patterns to suit the specific needs of your kitchen. Check out our full collection of American style stainless steel range hoods.

Check out what other customers had to say about their custom-made range hoods on our testimonials page.

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Custom Los Angeles Handcrafted Stainless Steel Range Hood

Handcrafted Custom Los Angeles Stainless Steel Hood